Convert Speech To Text in One line script

Transcribing a long audio file is a bit irritating. Nevertheless, it is not hard anymore 😛 We can do it with one following shell script line:

curl -F file=@one.flac -H "Content-Type: audio/x-flac; rate=44100"

note : one.flac is the file name, you can change it with your filename. if you need a sample audio for testing purpose only, you can download my audio in here. you have to wait for about 10 seconds (depends on your network speed)

Here is the result :
{"status":0,"id":"a029ad14d62be3dbaa814647f0672c50-1","hypotheses":[{"utterance":"I am a mother of two girls","confidence":0.8087615}]}

  1. Wah, keren.

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