#foodhack Frozen Chili (Cabe Beku)

Chili is one of the important spices in the Indonesia dish. We always use it in fresh condition, not in the dried or powder form. While the chili price is going up, people will be upset. Later on, they prefer buying rotten chili as the fresh chili is not affordable. Storing fresh chili is more difficult than storing either dried or powder. However, if we have a freezer, it works out ! Inspired from frozen pepper, I got an idea to preserve chili for a long time ( mengawetkan cabe ). Just boil water in the pan. In the meantime, you can remove  stems for each chili and prepare the cold water in a bowl. Once the water has been boiled, put your fresh chilies to the pan. Leave them for about 2-3 minutes. After that, take them all with a strainer and put them in the cold water in the bowl for 1 minute. Arrange them solely in the tray and let them dry for a while.

Pop up the tray in the freezer for an hour. Collect those chilies and store them into a plastic bag to reduce the space. The last step is put them back to the freezer. Since they are frozen individually, it is easy to get it. Not sticky each other.  When you need chili, you just take some of them.  Pour warm water over the chillies. And … you can use them for cooking :d


Cara mengawetkan cabe :

  1. bersihkan cabe dengan air mengalir, buang ujungnya
  2. panaskan air dalam panci dan siapkan satu mangkut air dingin
  3. ketika air dalam panci mendidih masukan cabe selama 2-3 menit
  4. Ambil cabe dengan saringan dan masukkan ke mangkuk yang berisi air dingin selama 1 menit
  5. Susun cabe di loyang secara teratur jangan sampai berdempetan
  6. masukkan loyang tersebut ke lemari es sekitar 1 jam hingga cabe agak beku
  7. ambil cabe satu persatu. masukkan ke plastik dan bekukan lagi
  8. ketika membutuhkan cabe, ambil saja beberapa sesuai kebutuhan

Terima kasih


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