Semilyar Komitmen

Fyuh, the time is blowing fast. whatever and whoever you are … the time is fixed!  24 hours. could not backward or forward as you wish 😦 you could not also extend it while your task is overloaded. don’t blame time. just manage it well !
I just watched METROTV in the “Sumpah Pemuda” section program. One of the guest  inspired me. She is Fira Basuki, a young mother and Cosmopolitan head redaction. She is writer as well. What a women! Why could she do all stuff ? She said :

Selalu meningkatkan kualitas diri dan hidup, termasuk komitmen.  Komitmen waktu !
Menyederhanakan hidup tanpa mengomel

Good quotes from her! However, It’s really difficult to hold the commitment especially to ourself, Many of them is frequently disregarded as we think we are in the safe condition. We said to ourself, “Later …later and later”.  Ok, it’s for myself. Please keep one commitment one day, don’t think another commitment.
Thanks for reading my current mind 😛

  1. wah, tampilan baru ..

  2. wah, bahasa baru ..

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